Saturday, September 1, 2012

Games & More Clothes Talk

1. Bill and I have been obsessed with Puzzle Craft on our iPhones. But now I've beaten it and bought everything I can buy. So I need some new games to play. I downloaded the Touch Arcade app which is pretty good for helping you find good games. I've just downloaded Supermagical which is pretty fun so far. Any other suggestions?
2. I tried on every single pair of pants in my closet last night. I'm only keeping 5 pairs of jeans and 2 khakis. I was going to sell the rest on eBay but I'm happy I found a friend to give then to instead. Sending her 12 pairs of pants!
3. I do have some yarn stuff to get rid of - hats and scarves I made last winter. I may just post them up on Facebook and see if anyone wants them. Maybe I'll sell these for a few bucks to help pay for all of Mina's new clothes. ;)
4. Does anyone do mygym or littlegym for your toddler/s? It's $65/month for Ash and they have a couple of fun classes he would enjoy. The only thing I don't like is that they're after school and not while the big boys are at school which would be ideal. I found a community preschool camp that is 2-3 days a week for a few hours. And it would only be $100 for 8-12 classes depending on the schedule I pick. Plus it's from 9-12 so I may do that instead.
5. Mina may be getting ready for a growth spurt this week. The last two days she has shortened the time inbetween feedings. What a pigger.


  1. score to teh friend getting 12 pair of pants!!!

  2. The community preschool sounds like a plan. We considered joining a kiddie gym, but honestly, it's cheaper for us to have a Y membership and take classes there (we do parent and tot swim). We also go to a music class in an arts based preschool. It's $20 for a 12 week session and I feel like I'm robbing the church it's based in! No game phone has been taken ovee by alphabet and animal games, lol.

    1. Our YMCA is not really close but I checked out the membership fee and it's so cheap for the whole family. Maybe we can do the free week and try it out. That may be the way to go.