Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day plans ???

1. The one night Mina decides to sleep all night, I stayed up late watching Big Brother, mistakenly anticipating her wanting to eat the whole time and keeping me up. Then she peed all over our new mattress and I spent two hours cleaning it and washing sheets... while again, she slept. It's 7:30am as I write this and I'm wide awake but maybe if I close my eyes...
2. (3 hours later)... Two seconds after I wrote that I was asleep.
3. She had her first real bath this morning. Based on her reaction to sponge baths, I thought she'd hate it. But I guess it was different being in the warm water because she LOVED it. That's a first for all of our kids.
4. Bill went back to work yesterday. But now he's getting Labor Day off AND Tuesday. So only a 2 day work week. Yippee!
5. I'd really like to do something fun with the kids since Bill will be off Monday. I bet Disneyland will be packed huh? Maybe the history museum at Balboa Park in San Diego. Hmmm

1 comment:

  1. #1 is the epitome of what I remember with sleeping newborns. Irony! I bet she snickered just a little bit as she dozed off. ;)