Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's almost Friday!

1. I made a spicy sausage penne dish tonight. Bill said it was probably the best thing I've ever made. It was pretty delicious I have to admit.
2. I think Bill and I decided on our Halloween costumes. I think it'll be cute. But you know I can't tell you.
3. Got my AE stuff and I love all the tops. The bow sweater is so cute.
4. Jennie will be here tomorrow!!
5. Finished Ash's room and it turned out super cute. He said, "Mom you did this all by yourself? Great job!"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleepy Sleep

1. Watching X Factor - I watched the 5 piece boy band they put together and I couldn't stop smiling. They were SO CUTE! I haven't watched One Direction but if they're that cute I can understand why people love them so much.
2. Mindy Kaling is just the cutest thing.
3. I want some glasses like the Asian girl on Underemployed.
4. Mina slept for 4 hours straight tonight!
5. I'm so happy with how the boys' room turned out. They said they were excited to go to sleep in their new room. It made me so happy. I worked on a pennant banner for Ash's room tonight. And now I'm working on a pom pom garland too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


1. Mina was a grump today. I didn't hold her enough and she apparently wasn't okay with that. She's on me now and sleeping soundly. I love when she sleeps so hard her face looks smashed.
2. There was an earthquake this morning just a few miles away. Don't tell Jennie who will be here Friday. She never reads this. I told the kids who slept through it and Ash said he thinks he felt it in his arms.
3. I'm apparently the only person on eBay who buys Zara for my daughter. I keep getting the best deals!
4. If you've been reading my blog you know it's been a battle getting Holden on track with school stuff. He has 3 Bs and 1 A for his midterm progress report which is great but I'd like him to bring those Bs up. Yesterday he brought home two big tests and a writing project -all As. I'm really proud of him for working hard on those. It's all coming together thank goodness.
5. I've almost bought a wreath at Target every time I've been there this month. But I hate how overpriced they are in season. So I checked Pinterest for ones to make and just didn't have what I needed at home and it's too hard to shop for DIY stuff with kids. I ended up just putting something together from random stuff at home and I like how it turned out. I'll still buy a wreath on clearance after Halloween for next year though.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wow this is quite the SAHM post.

1. Holden's class is doing a Winter Fun themed basket for our fundraiser at school this year. I can't think of anything better for a knitting mom to contribute to!
2. The kids had to go to school today on this weird fake holiday but they're off on Friday which I think is more fun. I wonder if I can get them out of the house for an IKEA trip? Baby needs a crib.
3. I have a hard time narrowing down my options when there are lots of choices - when it comes to pretty much anything. I've been brainstorming ideas for the boys' rooms and hadn't decided on anything... until today. At Target there happened to be two sets of matching bedding (black, grey, red, orange) on clearance for Holden and Lucas who share a room. And then another set in aqua bluish and white for Ash. So it's decided on their color scheme. I'm going to do a video game theme for the big boys. And cars, rockets, bicycles for Ash. Going to pair his fave color orange with blues and it'll be perfect. I'm going to make up the big boy room while they're at school so it's a surprise for them when they come home. Will post pics later this week!
4. Watching Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and then finished an Emma series with him as Knightley and, well, I think he's nice looking very much.
5. For dinner tonight I made sautéed mushrooms and panko crusted chicken stuffed with spinach, tomatoes and ricotta. So. Good.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friends & Heels

1. I don't know if glee has just changed too much or if it's me but I don't like it as much. Plus the songs aren't always that good anymore. - okay the last episode has some good music apparently (watching now).
2. We're watching that Guys With Kids show and the material sucks but the guys are hilarious. And who doesn't love Tempest Bledsoe - or all of the Cosby kids for that matter. Best family ever.
3. How do other women wear heels all the time? The few times I've tried, my feet just hurt so bad and I walk so awkwardly in them. I guess it just takes practice. I wonder how much more ladylike Mina will be than me. Probably can't be less.
4. Is it possible for one little girl to have too many clothes? Just say no.
5. Jennie will be here Friday. This is the FIRST time my best friend has come to visit me at my home since I got married. It's such a big deal to me and I'm so excited.