Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guess what? It's hot in Phoenix.

The boys and I have been in Phoenix now since last Wednesday. Guess what? It's freaking hot here. We've mostly stayed inside except for swimming. Although it seemed like every time we got into the pool there was a mini-dust storm. The winds picked up and the sky got all crazy. Right when the kids got out of the pool the other day, it actually rained... for about 15 minutes. Yesterday it was 102 (as opposed to 118 earlier this week) and it actually felt cool to us - how warped is that?!

The first few days we were in town, Bill and I got some time together to celebrate an early anniversary - thanks to Aunt T and Uncle B for watching the boys, who apparently all had a wonderful time too.

Bill and I swam, ate good food (sushi and Mexican), shopped at H&M, and saw one good movie - Super 8. If you haven't seen it and love movies like E.T. or pretty much anything Spielberg, watch it. May be one of my favorite movies ever. I'm letting it sink in but I LOVED it.

I also caved and watched Transformers in 3D for Bill and afterwards he apologized for making me endure what might have been the crappiest movie I've EVER seen. I'm sure there are worse movies out there but I haven't seen them or I've stopped watching them as soon as I realized how bad they were. I thought Shia would have made it bearable but he wasn't enough. I slept through parts of it hoping it would be over when I woke up - didn't work. At one point I asked Bill when it would be over and he said "40 more minutes" and I almost lost it. I looked around and people were actually enjoying it. What kind of black hole did I fall into?

I hate that I spent a longer paragraph talking about a Michael Bay movie than a JJ Abrams movie.

Where we spent our time half of Thursday.

Complimentary dessert from the hotel
The boys' birdhouses they painted while we were gone.

Lego Nintendo creations