Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall means house decorating time!

1. I really wanted to hire a professional photographer to either do newborn photos or our entire family. But there's just too much going on and it's so expensive for a family of 6. I decided today to grab the kids and just take a few pics while everyone was awake and in a good mood. And I'm happy with what came from it. Got quite a few cute ones I think. And it cost me nothing.
2. I've been watching Breaking Amish. There's one girl on there named Rebecca who really surprises me. Having never been exposed to movies or tv and to still be a tacky, catty bitch is pretty surprising. Apparently we aren't all taught that behavior by just the media or 90210.
3. I'm going to watch Somewhere tonight - Sofia Coppola. Anyone seen it? I love Sofia and I'm a little obsessed with the Fanning sisters, especially Elle.
4. We watched Cabin in the Woods last night. It was highly ridiculous and highly entertaining. I loved it. I wish I had made it.
5. When do you put up Halloween decorations? I like to wait until right after Ash's birthday. It's on October 2nd and I want it to feel like his bday and not a holiday. But if he wants to put them up sooner we may do it on the 1st. I'm excited and I have a lot of fun ideas. Man I love Pinterest.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turbans & Burpins

1. I keep seeing Eva Chen on Instagram and Sonjia on Project Runway in cute turbans so I decide to try one out. I looked up a How To on YouTube and I really like the result. Luckily I have about 100 scarves that can be used for this purpose. I'm excited to have a new look to cover up my bedhead and perfect for fall weather I think.
2. The Woot! Deal today is the Dyson we've had our eye on for only $250. Overstock had it the cheapest for $320. So we got a good deal I think!
3. Yesterday Holden told me that he learns a lot from school. Not just typical school stuff but how to deal with people, he said, among other things. It made me really happy to hear him tell me that on his own unprompted. At the beginning of the year he was a little lonely at recess and earlier this week he was struggling with some things. So I'm glad he already feels better about things after just a little more attention from his teacher and intervention from us.
4. Mina has a little baby acne. Jennie said to put breast milk on it. Other people online said it worked too. We'll see if it looks better in the morning after this.
5. I was just burping her and Bill came over to hug me. I put my arm around him to hug him back and patted his back. He said "You don't need to burp me." Ha Ha

Hair & Rainbows

1. Hypothetical: if you were perfectly happy with your current setup in life- job, home, etc. - would you even consider changing it all drastically just for a new experience?
2. Dee asked if I use anything in my hair to help with the craziness. And yes I have a good pomade that works well by bumble and bumble - sumotech. But it's a very gritty wax and I don't like how it makes my hair feel. So first I use bb texture then the sumotech. Then I use Aveda brilliant styling creme to smooth it out. And finish off with Aveda light elements smoothing fluid lotion to give it a little shine. This is the most product I've ever used in my hair at once but it doesn't need much and it takes a couple of minutes to fix thankfully. But note to self: do not go to bed with wet hair.
3. Had an appt with my ObGyn today. Totally didn't realize he was going to inspect "the goods" aaaaand I did not shave my legs. Horrifying!! For them. Not me. I'm used to it.
4. Has anyone taken the progestin only mini-pill as birth control? Bill is getting a vasectomy soon but apparently it's not totally healed until 10 weeks after so you can't trust it as birth control. I got a prescription for the mini-pill for just 3 months and my doctor said it shouldn't decrease my milk supply which was my main concern. That has happened to me before. Please let me know if you have any experience with it. Thanks!
5. Bill's aunt sent the boys this cool solar powered rainbow maker. It spins around and makes rainbows go everywhere. Bill was cranky this morning and said something about "that shit all over the walls" and Ash goes "That's not shit! It's rainbows!" I lost it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Showers & Sleep - life's 2 greatest luxuries

1. I'm the only one in my house (occasionally Bill) that can comfort the baby quickly and get her to sleep easily. So if I want peace and quiet I have to just hold her and take care of it or the whole house gets to hear her scream. Exhausting.
2. I really don't get to shower as often as I'd like.
3. I love my new haircut. But after a single night's sleep I have the worst cowlick ever in the back. So I've been wearing lots of hats in public.
4. Every time I buy Mina a dress I think "I wish they made this in my size". Time to learn to sew. For realsies.
5. Tonight after the kids go to bed, Bill and I are going to play Borderlands 2 and I cannot wait!! *update (We played for an hour and I almost fell asleep. Going to bed now!)

[This is my favorite picture from fashion week. But not because of Kate Bosworth, who by the way needs to eat more... But check out the diva behind her in the black strapless dress and chainlink choker. Werk.]

Just Another Morning

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


1. Ash, Mina and I spent the morning outside after we walked the big boys to school - Ash rode his bike. Today is trash day which apparently is also "Day that fat neighbor goes outside in only boxer shorts." Also in my neighborhood in the mornings our Asian neighbors play badminton. Like...more than one couple. That is weird. And I love it.
2. We found a baby rattlesnake in our backyard last night. Ash kept telling me there was a big lizard back there. Then Lucas went to check it out and said "That's a snake!" I assumed it was harmless so we were all checking it out. Then Bill came out and said Uhhh that's a rattlesnake. So he had to kill it. Which made him want to throw up. And it was sad. But we didn't want it to hurt the kids.
3. This may sound ridiculous but we told the boys they could have their own iPod touches if they would reach certain goals. So far not one has done it - things like nail biting and thumb sucking which are hard habits to break. I'm feeling like for my own sanity I want to buy them anyway maybe for Christmas. I'm sick of them stealing mine. But Holden wants an iPhone so he can have his own ringtone: mariachi, he says...What?
4. Another of Bill's aunts is here tonight. She surprised us and has to go back to AZ tomorrow but it's nice to see her even for a short time.
5. So I talked to Holden's teacher today about my concerns and I feel much better. She said a lot of the kids have a hard time transitioning from 3rd to 4th grade. And she will spend the next few weeks taking an extra few minutes at the end of the day to make sure he has all of his books and assignments in order before leaving school. I know that this extra attention will make a big difference with him. So I'm pleased that she recognizes it and was quick to reply and find a good solution for dealing with it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Milkshakes & Hats

1. That eBay seller wrote me back today and said "should be there shortly" which I think translates to "just mailed it today". Lame.
2. I am ├╝ber frustrated about one area of my life that I can't really blog about. But I just want to put it out there to get it off my chest a little. ANNOYED!! And that's it.
3. My appetite has increased in the last week and I've stopped magically losing weight. So I guess it's time to stop eating so many milkshakes.
4. Some of you have seen the crochet hats I made last winter: owls, sock monkeys, penguins, cars, dinosaurs, etc... I want to make some more this year to pay for Mina's growing wardrobe. How much should I charge??
5. Here's a little collection of images that are inspiring me for Mina's room. I want to do orange dots on one wall. And a little peg rack to hang some special dresses and tutus. It's functional and sweet. And a few pieces of art I want to replicate. I have a special piece from Vann to hang, and I commissioned something from another artist friend that I can't wait to see.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art and Cupcakes

1. I won an auction of clothes on eBay for Mina on 9/5. It didn't say it had shipped by 9/8 so I messaged the seller. She didn't respond until 9/10 but said it shipped. Yesterday was 9/15 and it still hadn't arrived. I messaged her last night asking if it shipped by 9/10 like she said. She didn't respond but she updated the shipping status as shipped on 9/15. None of this is a big deal really but I'm annoyed by people who lie and/or don't communicate properly on eBay. By the time this crap shows up now who knows if it will fit her.
2. Brit + co: my new favorite app. It's a little like pinterest - living, design & creative inspiration. And nicely categorized. I like the Tech tab because it has good recs and reviews for iPhone apps.
3. I've been finding art I like online and wanting to copy it myself. I'm not an amazing artist by any means but I can draw a bit. Is that "sketchy" (heh heh) to copy someone else's art and hang on my wall? I just found so much cute stuff I want to put on Mina's wall that I can achieve without spending lots of money. Opinions?
4. When newborns cry there aren't any tears. So at 5 weeks when they cry their first tears it is so heartbreaking!
5. I really really love interesting cupcakes. I feel like I want to try baking a different one every week and learn how to make my own recipes. How can I do this without getting fat?