Thursday, November 4, 2010

We need a new bed.

Bill and I have had the same bed for the last 11 years.

When we first got married and were living in Maryland, we discovered an IKEA within an hour's drive from our first home. Like every poor newlywed couple, we furnished our home with the wonderfully inexpensive, infuriatingly constructed Eurocrap. It only took us 10 days to assemble our new dining room table, sofa and bed - the only 3 items in our entire house, besides splurging on a $500 TV which at the time seemed really expensive.

At 22 years old, when all of our extra money seemed better spent on clothing, movies, eating out at restaurants and adventuring, we convinced ourselves the full-size bed would do just fine (because it was the cheapest). And the model sans headboard and boxspring was perfectly comfortable (because it was the cheapest). And the natural wood "finish" was actually prettier than the darker wood (because it was the cheapest).

Over the next 11 years, we moved 5 times from the east coast to Germany, then west coast, desert, back to east coast and now on the west coast again. Our little full-size bed has made the trip with us and managed to hold itself together even missing support slats and carrying more weight each year (ahem... 3 pregnancies here, people... I can't speak for Bill on this one...). Needless to say, it has seen its fair share of wear and tear and surprisingly has survived pretty well for a cheap little bed.

Once we moved to CA this last time, we discussed buying a new bed, and as of right now, our cheap asses still haven't bought one. Yet again, we've convinced ourselves we can use the money for better things, like 3 growing boys, vacations and trips, 3 hungry boys, birthdays and holidays, and did I mention 3 growing and hungry boys?

Last night I spent most of the night with a mustached-man that felt like he was running a one thousand degree temperature who I think may possibly have the HEAVIEST leg of any person alive all up in my business while I tried to sleep. Every time I tried to move, that leg of lead was holding me down and scalding my skin with its insane warmth. So when I woke up this morning, I decided all I want for Christmas this year is a bed.

A real grown up bed. A Queen size bed. That isn't missing pieces. That has two different areas on the bed for two grown people to sleep without touching, if they don't want to.

Sure I'll miss our little mini-bed that has been with us through so much life. It may be a little bittersweet letting go of those memories... and all that money. But better the bed than murdering my husband in his sleep.