Friday, October 14, 2011

All I've been doing is eating

Yesterday we started the day right with Oklahoma Joe's. We arrived just as it opened and didn't have to wait in line. After about 15 minutes the line was out the door. I got the Smokey Joe and Bill got Hog Heaven and it did not disappoint. Gooooooood BBQ. I'm jealous that apparently this town has a good BBQ place on every corner. Why can't they make good BBQ in SoCal??

After stuffing ourselves we walked around the Plaza, then we girls got manicures and pedicures.

Bill and I went back to the Plaza and found an awesome toy store called Zoom where we bought some goodies for the boys.

Rehearsal = check! Rehearsal dinner at the Ameristar buffet... Oooh yeah. Good stuff aaand totally stuffed myself. I feel like this is a stuffing yourself week especially after hearing what food and desserts will be at the wedding today.

Luckily, my dress still fits. Whew.

I'm planning to go to the Nelson Atkins museum this morning for a bit. Then wedding time! The day is finally here!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kansas City, I love you!

Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome this city is? We've only been here one night and Bill and I are kind of in love with it.

We got in around 6:30 and had dinner with Matt and Vann at Johnny's Tavern. We walked around the Power & Light district then drove around the downtown area and the Plaza. It's so pretty here. The buildings - the architecture ... There's art EVERYWHERE. It's just pretty. I could take a million pictures but I don't think they'd do it justice.

Bill and I caught a late movie at the AMC Cinema Suites and there are literally only 15 seats in the entire theater - comfy big leather seats and full service menu. And as dorky as it sounds I was also impressed with the bathrooms too. I made Bill check out the women's. There were huge individual stalls and each had it's own sink and hand dryer, all styled with different actresses.

We saw 50/50. So sad. SO good.

Tomorrow we're going to Oklahoma Joe's for lunch, then manicures and rehearsal & dinner. Maybe I can squeeze in an hour to go to the art museum.