Monday, August 27, 2012

Hormones & baby clothes

1. Went to Target to pick out bedding for the new bed and couldn't decide what I wanted. Almost started crying because I couldn't decide. Bill managed it all so sweetly and got us out of there with a nice set. Hormones. Derp.
2. The smallest little things are overwhelming me. And I hate not being able to control my wackadoo emotions. I started right back at work last week which I didn't think would be a big deal because I work from home and only a couple of hours a day. But I shouldn't have. I should have given myself a longer break. I should be allowing myself to relax and recover. Bill is taking 3 weeks off. And It's so nice having him home with us. It just sucks when everything is fine but it doesn't feel like it. (see above: Hormones. Derp.)
3. Some people say retail therapy doesn't work. But when I look at the cute little clothes I bought Mina I feel a lot better.
4. I hate doing fist bumps and Bill is always trying to get me to do them. They are stupid.
5. But right now Bill is baking me cookies. So... best husband ever.


  1. fun baby clothes!! i see you added Mina on the side of your page <3 she is such a doll.

    i am sad for your hormones. sometimes i do those things and i didnt just have a baby. :P

  2. Tea stuff is so cute! You know, of course, that this hormonal period is completely normal. It's nice that you have cookies...and Bill. ;)