Saturday, September 29, 2012

Diet Coke table

1. Bought a new coffee (Diet Coke) table today. Bill still has to put it together. It was 50% off at Target so if you shop there as much as we do you might be able to figure out which one it is.
2. Mina had some baby acne and I was putting a little breast milk on it but I didn't think it was helping. I tried again yesterday by putting on a lot more and it has totally cleared up! Her skin looks normal today. Crazy.
3. Signed up for my first Brit Kit. Going to cancel jewelmint.
4. I can figure out just about any crochet pattern but knitting really confuses me beyond basic stuff. I wish I had someone to knit with in person. I keep seeing so many beautiful projects I'd like to work on.
5. I got my new glasses today. I really like how they look with my new hair too. I wonder if I'll ever want long hair again.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rebel Hell Yeah

1. Does anyone watch The X Factor? That girl who sang Tomorrow... Oh my...
2. Bill cooked dinner tonight. He's started mixing the sauce into the cooked pasta in a skillet and man dies it make it so much better. That's what happens when you watch lots of Food Network.
3. I love Rebel Wilson.
4. My friend Nick is driving from Denver to Atlanta and he stopped in my family hometown for the night. I called him and apparently his mom and my dad were both born in this little town in Kansas. So weird!
5. We took Ash out to this Chuck E. Cheese like place for an early birthday treat since we can't go on Tuesday on his actual birthday. Lots of fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sporks & Socialism

1. It's almost October. That just feels crazy to me. And why does it still feel like summer here? Boooo.
2. I really enjoyed listening to Bill and Holden talk tonight. Bill was asking him opinions on taxes, salaries and college. Holden is quite the little socialist but I suspect most kids are.
3. I just watched an HGTV show in Vienna and it makes me want to go back to Austria so bad! I went with the OSU wind ensemble when I was 19 so it's been awhile. I'd love to go back with Bill and the kids.
4. What kind of side effects do any of you have when you're on birth control?
5. Ash is so excited about his 5th birthday next Tuesday. He has given us a wish list of Hot Wheels sets, video games and infomercial crap. And a spork.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Banana. Hammock.

1. I'm always surprised when my friends talk about how their kids are obsessed with certain celebrities. I knew of them when I was little especially certain singers. But my kids are totally clueless. They really only know them by characters they play like Thor or Jack Sparrow haha. I'm actually happy about this though. I hope they never care about that crap. I would love for them to enjoy film and music without caring about the whole stupid celebrity b.s.
2. I made banana bread with roasted pecans and some yummy crockpot chicken today.
3. Mina laughs and chuckles while she's sleeping and it is THE CUTEST thing ever. I wish I could record it in time.
4. I want a hammock.
5. I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on embellishing my old clothes with things like elbow patches, bows and little shoulder details. I'm compiling a list of projects! For the kids' clothes too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chicken & Caramel

1. The salted caramel mocha frappuccino at Starbucks is the greatest drink I've ever tasted. Hooked!
2. When I used to shop with my mom at the dollar store she would constantly ask me "How much is this?" and I would repeat $1. Every time. Until I would get so annoyed I'd be like "Mom it's the dollar store. Everything is $1!!!!" but I always found it hysterical that no matter how often we went and how many times I would tell her she would still ask. Yesterday when we were at Dollar Tree there was an Asian man in line in front of us and he asked the cashier "How much is this?" and she of course said $1. I thought of my Mom. And then Ash audibly said "That's why it's called Dollar Tree. duh!" Me = Mortified.
3. I used the new Dyson today and I feel like I have a new house.
4. Just watched Ben and Kate. HILARIOUS! Laughed the entire time. Great cast.
5. I made roasted chicken, green beans and potatoes. Olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. So easy. And tasty. The only change I would make next time would probably be to not use skinless breasts so there's a little more fatty flavor. But otherwise really good. I added some Italian feta crumbles too.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kiwi Crate - Farmer's Market

We received our first Kiwi Crate which is a Farmer's Market theme. Ash was SO excited! It came with two projects. One was a farmer's apron. He decorated his apron with special fabric crayons - all supplied in the box. The only thing we needed of our own was an iron to make the design stick to the apron if we wash it.

The second project was fruits and vegetables. He had to lace them together with a shoelace which is so great for motor skills. And it was nice to see him sit for about an hour working on something that didn't need to be plugged in (computer, TV, video games, iphone, etc.)... He sewed the pieces together for a carrot, stuffed it with cotton balls, then traced a stem and attached with a pipe cleaner. Everything we needed was in the box, including scissors.

Then a part of it that I thought was especially cool were the play activities. It came with paper coins and dollars so we could play market. He wore his apron and sold me a carrot.

Me: I would like a carrot please.
Him: How much money do you have?
Me: $8.35
Him: (takes all of my money, gives me a carrot)

It was a lot of fun and we aren't even done yet. We have an eggplant, apple and pear to make. And even more activities to play with the stuff he makes. I'm so glad he enjoyed it. For $20 I really think it's worth it. If you sign up, I get a $10 credit. Get your friends to sign up and it's only $10 for you too. Or google coupon code and see what you can find, which is what I did. Here's my link:

Boxes Boxes Boxes

1. I hate punishing my kids. Which doesn't mean I don't do it. It's just the one part of being a parent so far that I don't like. Holden had homework yesterday for 2 1/2 hours. Yes on a Sunday. He told me he was finished and looking at it I couldn't tell that he wasn't apparently. He turned it in and I just got an email from his teacher saying it was incomplete. But it looks like half the class turned it in incomplete. Which says to me they're just giving these kids too much homework! I don't remember having that much in 4th grade and I went to an excellent school. I sent Holden to his room to think about it after a long lecture. Ugh. And he looks so sad. I hate this. New rule: he has to finish his homework as soon as he gets home before he can do anything fun.
2. I ordered this Hot Dots preschool learning box from zulily and after our kiwi crate and a trip to Dollar Tree for Halloween decorations, Ash and I worked on it. He loved it. We worked on colors today and this kid sat for 30 whole minutes and really enjoyed it. I'm so glad he wasn't bored after 5 minutes. Sometimes I just don't know what he'll enjoy and what he won't.
3. Speaking of boxes... Just discovered a new one called the Brit box which is a crafting one! And only $20... I have to try it out. I just have to.
4. My BFF Jennie is actually coming to visit next month! She really bought a ticket. For real. It's happening!
5. We put up Halloween decorations today. Ash wanted to and I didn't even attempt to argue. I still need to finish the fireplace and outside though.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mindy & Dyson

1. Bill and I are "planning" an anniversary vacation to Hawaii in 2014 for our 15th. Is it too early to be really looking forward to this? But also want every day to last longer because I want my babies to stay babies forever? Dilemmas.
2. I can't wait for my Dyson to get here.
3. What new TV shows do you like so far or are looking forward to? I can't wait for The Mindy Project. I love Mindy Kaling.
4. Has anyone ever shopped at Coldwater Creek? I don't now anything about their clothes except that they seem overpriced and for olderish mom/teacher types. I have a coupon for $25 off $50 and I looked online to see if I could find a few things that suit me. Not sure...
5. I had a $25 gift card to AE and everything was 25% off so I bought a few things - needed more jeans.