Saturday, September 1, 2012

Games & More Clothes Talk

1. Bill and I have been obsessed with Puzzle Craft on our iPhones. But now I've beaten it and bought everything I can buy. So I need some new games to play. I downloaded the Touch Arcade app which is pretty good for helping you find good games. I've just downloaded Supermagical which is pretty fun so far. Any other suggestions?
2. I tried on every single pair of pants in my closet last night. I'm only keeping 5 pairs of jeans and 2 khakis. I was going to sell the rest on eBay but I'm happy I found a friend to give then to instead. Sending her 12 pairs of pants!
3. I do have some yarn stuff to get rid of - hats and scarves I made last winter. I may just post them up on Facebook and see if anyone wants them. Maybe I'll sell these for a few bucks to help pay for all of Mina's new clothes. ;)
4. Does anyone do mygym or littlegym for your toddler/s? It's $65/month for Ash and they have a couple of fun classes he would enjoy. The only thing I don't like is that they're after school and not while the big boys are at school which would be ideal. I found a community preschool camp that is 2-3 days a week for a few hours. And it would only be $100 for 8-12 classes depending on the schedule I pick. Plus it's from 9-12 so I may do that instead.
5. Mina may be getting ready for a growth spurt this week. The last two days she has shortened the time inbetween feedings. What a pigger.

Friday, August 31, 2012

bits + pieces

This is my bits + pieces post for the week. May start doing this every Friday. Inspired by this blog.

1. A stack of Mina Muffin's clothes
2. Asleep after chowing down
3. Nightstand
4. I suck at making my bed.
5. Makeup drawer = never used
6. The beginning of my Essie collection aka obsession.
7. My first obsession: scarves.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kiwi & Kiki

1. I'm trying out this monthly kids Arts & Crafts deal called Kiwi Crate for Ash. I thought he'd like getting a box addressed to him in the mail. It will be a neat surprise for him to open. And something fun for us to work on together when the brothers are at school and Mina is asleep. If you wanna sign up too, use this link to get $10 off - and you can cancel anytime.
2. We're brainstorming Halloween costumes now that fall is approaching. Ash wants to be a donut or a ghost. He said he can just wear a white sheet and cut holes for eyes. He thinks it's the most creative idea ever - like he's the first one to ever think of it. Haha I may do Kiki's Delivery Service. Would be easy and cute. Lucas is going to be another version of Link he hasn't been already or Luigi. Holden says it's only August so he doesn't have to decide yet.
3. Mina was up most of the night. So of course she has been sleeping soundly all day. Looks like another long night is ahead of me. Stinker.
4. Bill's aunt has been here for almost two weeks now and she's been wonderful. So helpful and everything you need from family when you have a newborn... And 3 kids at home. It's been almost like having my Mom here honestly. She leaves this weekend and I'll miss her. But I'm also looking forward to establishing a new family routine. So much is different this school year with a new baby, new house, job changes, Bill in school and the boys in new grades - and we all thrive with a happy routine. We begin on Monday.
5. Planning probably one final trip to Disneyland next month before our annual memberships are up. Then we can never afford to do anything ever again. Haha

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1. I love knowing secrets! And even more than that, I love when they are finally revealed to everyone and I've already known for weeks. ;)
2. I have all this yarn that I used to make hats for people last winter. But now I've figured out what yarns I like to use more. So I'm trying to use it all up by making an afghan with it all. Not sure who I'm going to give it to though. (see pattern below but different colors)
3. I'm also working on a baby blanket for my friend SuperJenn and SuperBabyBen. :)
4. Does anyone have a Dyson or Roomba? We have TONS of carpet in this house and I need one or the other. Would love to know how well both work. Just can't decide which one to get.
5. I wonder how long I can make this Milk Dud diet work for me?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleep & Strawberry ice cream

1. I slept in today and feel so much better. Sleep is like a wonder drug.
2. I recorded a video of Mina last night being all cute. Then I showed it to her and she looked totally freaked out.
3. Mina crosses her eyes sometimes and when Holden sees her do it he says "Derp". His new favorite word. We told him about how his eyes were crossed most of the time until he was about 6 months. Now Daddy calls her Derpina when we catch her crossing her eyes like her brother. HaHa
4. I miss Xanga when everyone was in the same place and it was easy to comment back and forth on posts.
5. Strawberry ice cream tastes so good.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Hormones & baby clothes

1. Went to Target to pick out bedding for the new bed and couldn't decide what I wanted. Almost started crying because I couldn't decide. Bill managed it all so sweetly and got us out of there with a nice set. Hormones. Derp.
2. The smallest little things are overwhelming me. And I hate not being able to control my wackadoo emotions. I started right back at work last week which I didn't think would be a big deal because I work from home and only a couple of hours a day. But I shouldn't have. I should have given myself a longer break. I should be allowing myself to relax and recover. Bill is taking 3 weeks off. And It's so nice having him home with us. It just sucks when everything is fine but it doesn't feel like it. (see above: Hormones. Derp.)
3. Some people say retail therapy doesn't work. But when I look at the cute little clothes I bought Mina I feel a lot better.
4. I hate doing fist bumps and Bill is always trying to get me to do them. They are stupid.
5. But right now Bill is baking me cookies. So... best husband ever.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

eBay eBay eBay

1. People have asked how we decided on the name Mina. Well, when we started trying to have babies, we had the name Parker Grace picked out. We liked that it wasn't really girly. But then we had 3 boys. When we found out we were having a girl we started name hunting again for something pretty and feminine. I liked Ramona and Tessa. Bill liked Franny and Minnie. The boys liked Olivia. We couldn't quite agree. I was looking at names that started with M and came across Mina. I loved it. Bill loved it. And ALL 3 boys liked it too. So it became THE name. All of our kids' names are related to a movie/book too - and Mina is no different. The main female character in Dracula is Mina Harker. (Holden - The Catcher in the Rye, Lucas - Star Wars, Ash - Evil Dead/Army of Darkness)
2. New furniture arrived! Lots of room reconfiguring and style pinning on pinterest. Mattress coming tomorrow morning.
3. I have developed a new eBay obsession shopping for tea collection clothes for Mina. And spending a fraction of the overpriced retail cost on EUC.
4. I think my new skinny jeans are too big.
5. It seems all I've thought about today is shopping. Geez.