Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kiwi & Kiki

1. I'm trying out this monthly kids Arts & Crafts deal called Kiwi Crate for Ash. I thought he'd like getting a box addressed to him in the mail. It will be a neat surprise for him to open. And something fun for us to work on together when the brothers are at school and Mina is asleep. If you wanna sign up too, use this link to get $10 off - and you can cancel anytime.
2. We're brainstorming Halloween costumes now that fall is approaching. Ash wants to be a donut or a ghost. He said he can just wear a white sheet and cut holes for eyes. He thinks it's the most creative idea ever - like he's the first one to ever think of it. Haha I may do Kiki's Delivery Service. Would be easy and cute. Lucas is going to be another version of Link he hasn't been already or Luigi. Holden says it's only August so he doesn't have to decide yet.
3. Mina was up most of the night. So of course she has been sleeping soundly all day. Looks like another long night is ahead of me. Stinker.
4. Bill's aunt has been here for almost two weeks now and she's been wonderful. So helpful and everything you need from family when you have a newborn... And 3 kids at home. It's been almost like having my Mom here honestly. She leaves this weekend and I'll miss her. But I'm also looking forward to establishing a new family routine. So much is different this school year with a new baby, new house, job changes, Bill in school and the boys in new grades - and we all thrive with a happy routine. We begin on Monday.
5. Planning probably one final trip to Disneyland next month before our annual memberships are up. Then we can never afford to do anything ever again. Haha


  1. Aw, it's always wonderful to have help w/ a new baby. I told my kids about your Kiki's delivery service costume idea...they think we should do Totoro or The Cat returns, hehe.

    1. You guys should! The boys and I love those movies and I wish I could convince thennyoubcan to dress up with me. But they have their own ideas. ;)