Friday, November 16, 2012

Days 16 & 17

Day 16 - someone who inspires me

I will forever be inspired my daughter. No little girl should be raised to think she is less than who she is. Or to not believe in herself or know she can become whoever she wants to be. I always wanted a little girl so I could raise her to realize how amazing she is and hopefully also be a good influence to other girls. Mina will always inspire me to be the best I can possibly be so she knows she can do it too.

Day 17 - my family

When we get a table at a restaurant and they ask How many? and I say 6, it still blows my mind a little every time. We are now complete.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Days 13-15

Day 13 - something i'm proud of
The kids got their report cards with lots of As and I'm super proud of them. Lucas got into some trouble last year. Nothing major but acting too crazy in class and talking too much. This year he's matured so much - other than a little chattiness occasionally his teacher said he's been doing really well. Holden had 4Bs and 1A at the mid-term and brought it up to 4As and 1B so I'm just super proud of how hard he worked to get those grades up. He made the Honor Roll which makes him feel really good and helps motivate him to keep getting good grades.

Day 14 - style inspiration for the season
So far I haven't really had the chance to enjoy fall weather much since it only cooled off last week but it's still 70s some days. I bought two new pairs of leggings from AE - polka dots and some tribal Aztec-ish ones. With boots they are super cute. I want to be able to wear some cute fall tops with them. Soon...

Day 15 - three blogs i always read
I read more than this but here are just a few I've been enjoying a lot lately. - a friend, fellow mom and knitter whose words and images inspire me
Suri's Burn Book - written in the voice of Suri Cruise, critiques fellow celeb kids' fashion - hilarious!
Bleubird blog - Simple and charming.