Monday, April 16, 2012

Luc's Birthday Cakes

Lucas, my middle munchkin is turning 7 on Thursday and we're having a party for him on Saturday. If I write more about this impending birthday I'll probably start bawling so I'm just going to talk about cakes.

This kid challenges me every year with some obscure theme and cake design. I don't usually go all out on decorations like some people - I wish I put more time into that actually but he really only cares about the cake. So that's where my brainstorming goes. My cake skills are EXTREMELY amateur. I don't use fondant, for one thing. And I have no idea what I'm doing. But I make yummy cakes and my kids love them, so the end result is perfect, as far as I'm concerned.

Here are the last few cakes from years past.

Turning 4 - Toon Link
Turning 5 - Ultraman

Turning 6 - TARDIS
Oh my gosh, looking back at these pics chokes me up. Look how tiny he was! And Ashie too... whew...

So this year he's all about Minecraft. It's a game I vaguely understand, but he and Holden think it's the greatest thing ever. This year he wants two figures for the top of the cake, and I'll probably have to figure out how to work with fondant to make these. I've seen some people that just made 3-D paper figures for the top, so it may resort to that. I need to do some experimenting. We're kind of combining elements from these two cakes I found.