Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sleep & Strawberry ice cream

1. I slept in today and feel so much better. Sleep is like a wonder drug.
2. I recorded a video of Mina last night being all cute. Then I showed it to her and she looked totally freaked out.
3. Mina crosses her eyes sometimes and when Holden sees her do it he says "Derp". His new favorite word. We told him about how his eyes were crossed most of the time until he was about 6 months. Now Daddy calls her Derpina when we catch her crossing her eyes like her brother. HaHa
4. I miss Xanga when everyone was in the same place and it was easy to comment back and forth on posts.
5. Strawberry ice cream tastes so good.


  1. Yeah, xanga did make it super easy. Now it's all derp.

  2. I miss xanga too, wah. Maybe we should gather up the horde from twitter and instagram and make them go back with us.