Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1. I love knowing secrets! And even more than that, I love when they are finally revealed to everyone and I've already known for weeks. ;)
2. I have all this yarn that I used to make hats for people last winter. But now I've figured out what yarns I like to use more. So I'm trying to use it all up by making an afghan with it all. Not sure who I'm going to give it to though. (see pattern below but different colors)
3. I'm also working on a baby blanket for my friend SuperJenn and SuperBabyBen. :)
4. Does anyone have a Dyson or Roomba? We have TONS of carpet in this house and I need one or the other. Would love to know how well both work. Just can't decide which one to get.
5. I wonder how long I can make this Milk Dud diet work for me?


  1. I am loving these daily posts :)

    Jon Gaikwad had a roomba when Matt lived with him. It worked pretty well! I think they are a lot cheaper than a Dyson. WE WANT a Dyson!

  2. Love the name SuperBabyBen!! So clever!