Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall means house decorating time!

1. I really wanted to hire a professional photographer to either do newborn photos or our entire family. But there's just too much going on and it's so expensive for a family of 6. I decided today to grab the kids and just take a few pics while everyone was awake and in a good mood. And I'm happy with what came from it. Got quite a few cute ones I think. And it cost me nothing.
2. I've been watching Breaking Amish. There's one girl on there named Rebecca who really surprises me. Having never been exposed to movies or tv and to still be a tacky, catty bitch is pretty surprising. Apparently we aren't all taught that behavior by just the media or 90210.
3. I'm going to watch Somewhere tonight - Sofia Coppola. Anyone seen it? I love Sofia and I'm a little obsessed with the Fanning sisters, especially Elle.
4. We watched Cabin in the Woods last night. It was highly ridiculous and highly entertaining. I loved it. I wish I had made it.
5. When do you put up Halloween decorations? I like to wait until right after Ash's birthday. It's on October 2nd and I want it to feel like his bday and not a holiday. But if he wants to put them up sooner we may do it on the 1st. I'm excited and I have a lot of fun ideas. Man I love Pinterest.

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  1. I love the photos you took of the kiddos. And honestly, I've often preferred the pictures I take of my own family to those done professionally... I put up my Halloween decorations Oct 1. Love Halloween.