Thursday, September 20, 2012

Turbans & Burpins

1. I keep seeing Eva Chen on Instagram and Sonjia on Project Runway in cute turbans so I decide to try one out. I looked up a How To on YouTube and I really like the result. Luckily I have about 100 scarves that can be used for this purpose. I'm excited to have a new look to cover up my bedhead and perfect for fall weather I think.
2. The Woot! Deal today is the Dyson we've had our eye on for only $250. Overstock had it the cheapest for $320. So we got a good deal I think!
3. Yesterday Holden told me that he learns a lot from school. Not just typical school stuff but how to deal with people, he said, among other things. It made me really happy to hear him tell me that on his own unprompted. At the beginning of the year he was a little lonely at recess and earlier this week he was struggling with some things. So I'm glad he already feels better about things after just a little more attention from his teacher and intervention from us.
4. Mina has a little baby acne. Jennie said to put breast milk on it. Other people online said it worked too. We'll see if it looks better in the morning after this.
5. I was just burping her and Bill came over to hug me. I put my arm around him to hug him back and patted his back. He said "You don't need to burp me." Ha Ha


  1. I laughed so goddamned hard at you burping bill!!! Hahaha

  2. Cute turban! I have been wearing them for *years* to cover bad hair days, hehe. Follow June Ambrose on instagram, or google her, she is the queen of the turban.