Monday, September 17, 2012

Milkshakes & Hats

1. That eBay seller wrote me back today and said "should be there shortly" which I think translates to "just mailed it today". Lame.
2. I am ├╝ber frustrated about one area of my life that I can't really blog about. But I just want to put it out there to get it off my chest a little. ANNOYED!! And that's it.
3. My appetite has increased in the last week and I've stopped magically losing weight. So I guess it's time to stop eating so many milkshakes.
4. Some of you have seen the crochet hats I made last winter: owls, sock monkeys, penguins, cars, dinosaurs, etc... I want to make some more this year to pay for Mina's growing wardrobe. How much should I charge??
5. Here's a little collection of images that are inspiring me for Mina's room. I want to do orange dots on one wall. And a little peg rack to hang some special dresses and tutus. It's functional and sweet. And a few pieces of art I want to replicate. I have a special piece from Vann to hang, and I commissioned something from another artist friend that I can't wait to see.


  1. i cant wait to see pics of mina's room <3

    so here is how i price my own stuff... i take the cost of my materials and i double it. and then i have my cost of labor and add that on.

    i dont know how much all that is for you, but i can see you selling them for $20 each.

  2. Love the idea of orange dots on the wall! So cute!
    As for your cute crochet animal hats, they could go for $20-50, depending on how much your yarn is and how much you use and how long it takes you.

  3. #2: praying for you, whatever it is!
    #3: shouldn't it be "drinking" milkshakes? ;)
    #5: this is so cute, and can be used for backpacks and purses when she's 5.