Sunday, September 16, 2012

Art and Cupcakes

1. I won an auction of clothes on eBay for Mina on 9/5. It didn't say it had shipped by 9/8 so I messaged the seller. She didn't respond until 9/10 but said it shipped. Yesterday was 9/15 and it still hadn't arrived. I messaged her last night asking if it shipped by 9/10 like she said. She didn't respond but she updated the shipping status as shipped on 9/15. None of this is a big deal really but I'm annoyed by people who lie and/or don't communicate properly on eBay. By the time this crap shows up now who knows if it will fit her.
2. Brit + co: my new favorite app. It's a little like pinterest - living, design & creative inspiration. And nicely categorized. I like the Tech tab because it has good recs and reviews for iPhone apps.
3. I've been finding art I like online and wanting to copy it myself. I'm not an amazing artist by any means but I can draw a bit. Is that "sketchy" (heh heh) to copy someone else's art and hang on my wall? I just found so much cute stuff I want to put on Mina's wall that I can achieve without spending lots of money. Opinions?
4. When newborns cry there aren't any tears. So at 5 weeks when they cry their first tears it is so heartbreaking!
5. I really really love interesting cupcakes. I feel like I want to try baking a different one every week and learn how to make my own recipes. How can I do this without getting fat?


  1. #5 is me. How can I do that without getting fat??

    Well, one way is to take the cupcakes all to work! What about feeding your neighbors/friends your goodies?

    If you aren't selling the artwork, I don't see anything wrong with copying it just for your home.

  2. So, I have a great cupcake decorating cookbook that I adore because it's all frosting and no fondant - i hate fondant because cupcakes are for eating. Also, I'm so into the idea of copying artwork and hanging it on your walls. I might steal that idea, too, actually. <3

  3. I totally agree about shady ebay types!

  4. Don't worry about trying out new art. Isn't that what those "drink and paint" places do?

  5. You can ship them to me and I WILL EAT THEM. Problem solved.