Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hair & Rainbows

1. Hypothetical: if you were perfectly happy with your current setup in life- job, home, etc. - would you even consider changing it all drastically just for a new experience?
2. Dee asked if I use anything in my hair to help with the craziness. And yes I have a good pomade that works well by bumble and bumble - sumotech. But it's a very gritty wax and I don't like how it makes my hair feel. So first I use bb texture then the sumotech. Then I use Aveda brilliant styling creme to smooth it out. And finish off with Aveda light elements smoothing fluid lotion to give it a little shine. This is the most product I've ever used in my hair at once but it doesn't need much and it takes a couple of minutes to fix thankfully. But note to self: do not go to bed with wet hair.
3. Had an appt with my ObGyn today. Totally didn't realize he was going to inspect "the goods" aaaaand I did not shave my legs. Horrifying!! For them. Not me. I'm used to it.
4. Has anyone taken the progestin only mini-pill as birth control? Bill is getting a vasectomy soon but apparently it's not totally healed until 10 weeks after so you can't trust it as birth control. I got a prescription for the mini-pill for just 3 months and my doctor said it shouldn't decrease my milk supply which was my main concern. That has happened to me before. Please let me know if you have any experience with it. Thanks!
5. Bill's aunt sent the boys this cool solar powered rainbow maker. It spins around and makes rainbows go everywhere. Bill was cranky this morning and said something about "that shit all over the walls" and Ash goes "That's not shit! It's rainbows!" I lost it.


  1. 1. Yes. No. Maybe. 2. Damn, that's a lot of product! 4. Took the mini pill years ago, but not for long. Don't remember it decreasing milk supply. 5. Ha!

  2. I went on the pill after Addy and didn't notice a change in milk, but I think she was much older, like 9 months, because my cycle didn't come back until then. Now that we've had Reese I just went ahead and got an IUD. C will eventually get a vasectomy but I want to be sure that we're done having kids before he does.

  3. 2. No, but I'm boring and risk-averse. ;) 3. Eeeek!! 4. Like Jacque, I got an IUD after Derek, and it is the BEST thing ever. Nothing to remember, no effect on milk. Never taken the mini pill but heard lots of warnings about its ineffectiveness if you forget to take at same time each day, so I decided it wouldn't work for my harried mom self. ;) 5. Cool!!

  4. i use the B&B sumotech pomade. its the bombbbb