Saturday, September 8, 2012


1. I just realized that yesterday was Mina's due date! And she also turned 4 weeks old. Crazy to think she could have just been arriving now. But we have been blessed to get to spend a whole extra month with her.
2. She's been having some issues sleeping anywhere but on me the last few days. Last night we bought her a little rocker and she actually seems comfortable hanging out in it when we're not holding her. And then she slept in her bassinet last night too. Thank you Mina!!
3. My weekends are back to being full of football. And I'm so over it already.
4. My eBay shopping spree is temporarily on hold as I await several packages. Will resume after Mina can actually start wearing the stuff I bought her.
5. I fell asleep at 9pm tonight. Awake now with Mina though.

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