Monday, September 3, 2012

Haircuts & Ruffles

1. Well we didn't go to SD after all. But we went to lunch, did some shopping and got the boys haircuts. Not that exciting but we had a good day together doing not much of anything.
2. Have you ever seen Garth and Kat on Weekend Update on SNL? I freaking laugh nonstop. And it's so stupid.
3. I bought Ash some Hot Dots educational flash cards. Since I'm not putting him in preschool or Kindergarten this year I'm looking for fun learning stuff for him to do at home on days when I don't have him at a camp or gym... which I still haven't decided on yet.
4. Already almost done crocheting the hexagons for my new afghan. 9 more to go. Down 20 out of 29. Then just need to crochet them together. Will probably finish this week so I'll post pics and figure out who it will go to.
5. Mina wore a real outfit today instead of just a onesie. She's growing and now fits into super cute stuff. Like this little dress and ruffled bloomers. I can't handle it! Let's ignore how pissed she is at the flash and focus on the ensemble. Haha

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