Thursday, September 6, 2012


1. Had a mini-meltdown today. Bill was doing homework before class. I was trying to cook dinner and help the kids with their homework. And Mina decided it was the perfect time to start screaming even though she was fed. The tears started to well up. But I just strapped Mina into the Moby and powered through it. I survived.
2. I've been buying lots of stuff for Mina on eBay. I start to feel a little guilty. But it's my first and only girl, she needs clothes, I'm finding good deals, using my birthday money and right now it's making me happy. So I'm easing up but not going to have buyer's remorse.
3. I was looking on pinterest for hair ideas since I wasn't happy with my long side swept bangs. I want to get a really asymmetrical haircut but I want to grow it out a little more first. So I just went in the bathroom and chopped my bangs. Bill laughed at me not because of the way it looks but because he thinks I'm funny for hacking at my hair whenever I feel like it. Ash said my hair looks good now. That sweetie.
4. Bill is making me cookies.
5. I finished the afghan. I love how it turned out!


  1. picture of the hair, picture of the hair!!!!

    Hugs to mama, for stressful days. They come and go in our lives, no matter what age our kids are, huh? Glad you had her strapped in as you powered through. She was probably none the wiser that you were struggling...she just had her mama. :-)

  2. Wow, so on your "bad" day you finish an afghan, make dinner, give yourself a haircut, help the kids with their homework, and blog? Dude, you really set the bar high for the rest of us mortals. ;) xoxo

    1. I just do whatever I can to stay sane!! Haha