Thursday, September 13, 2012

School woes

1. Man, 4th grade homework stresses me out and it's not even mine! I hate to see that Holden missed work because it feels like these kids are expected to be responsible for way too much on their own this early in school. It seems really disorganized to me and no matter how hard I try to help him organize and keep track of his work things continue to be missed. I hope he gets the hang of it and doesn't feel too frustrated. It sure as hell frustrates me! And it's not even difficult material. It's just a matter of knowing what assignments are due when. Irritating! I like to give my kids a chance to handle some things on their own to some extent so they are held accountable for themselves. But at some point I feel like I need to step in and call the teacher. Also is it normal for a 4th grader to spend 1-2 1/2 hours a night on homework (busywork)?? It makes me really want to homeschool Holden so he's enjoying learning instead of working towards end of year testing as the ultimate goal. That's not what school is about and I'm pretty frustrated by it.
2. On another note I'm really happy with the way Luc's teacher handles everything and the 2nd grade workload.
3. I got the pixie cut I wanted today. Allison did such an awesome job. Looks even better than I expected. She's a hair genius.
4. I ate way too many cookies today.
5. We're going to Disneyland tomorrow. Wish us luck!


  1. 2 hours seems like a lot. Sanaa Spent about 90 minutes a night last year in fourth grade. I figured it took so long because she struggles with math. It was horrible. Does Holden have a planner? That might help with the organization issue. Must go stalk Instagram to find a picture of your haircut. Have fun at Disneyland!

  2. I love the idea of homeschooling! <3