Monday, September 10, 2012

David Tennant, I love you.

1. 4th grade homework + Holden = furious combination!!!
2. Two friends have told me they were pregnant before announcing to everyone. One just told everyone today. One down, one to go. Sending special thoughts and good vibes to the others trying to get knocked up soon too. Yay babies!
3. Ash is obsessed with commercials. So far he wants a pillow pet, a Swiffer and insurance.
4. I found 7 fish fillets in my box of Gorton's today. There were supposed to be 6. SCORE!
5. Watched Decoy Bride with David Tennant. It doesn't flow like your typical cookie cutter Hollywood romcom which I actually liked. It was funny and sweet. And what's not to love about David Tennant.

1 comment:

  1. you crack me up. Get him insurance now...maybe he'll earn the super duper discount by the time he's old enough.