Thursday, September 13, 2012

I like Britney?

1. Crossing my fingers that my best friend Jennie is actually going to come visit me next weekend.
2. Getting my haircut tomorrow I think. Ginnifer Goodwin pixie style. I just keep getting shorter and shorter. My next move is to grow it out long and then shave one side. Seriously. Maybe when I turn 40.
3. We watched the X Factor and I'm surprised by how good that show is. And I've also discovered that I love Britney Spears.
4. I finished all the pieces for my last afghan but now I'm too lazy to sew them together. So I started a new one that has 143 squares. I'm a little more than halfway through that one.
5. Let me see if I can convince Bill to rub my feet before I go to bed.

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