Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shark Attack!!!

I'm so glad you guys like my sweater. I like it too! And believe it or not, it's still cool enough here in southern California that I can actually wear it in the morning and evening. Woot!

Today is Bill's birthday. So I'm trying to get a quick post out of the way because this afternoon Holden comes home early from school and I have a cake to bake. Then birthday fun! I've been up since 6:30 this morning working and helping Lucas make an impromptu shark box craft at his request from his Highlights magazine.

Last night I finished the posters for Welcome to Summer and I'll post pics of the boys busting through them later. :)

So here's Day 9 - Luc's shark project which we worked on together. Made out of a Twinkies box.


  1. Did you know I am terrified of sharks? Well actually really freaked out by orca's... blah i still call them killer whales bc they're scary. Anyways sharks too I avoid even cartoon ones, so for a quick second this post freak the $%^&* out of me.

    So happy to stop by your blog. <3 ya- Jeannette

  2. Hey Jeannette! I didn't know that. Yikes, sorry! We should get together again when you guys are free. We're so close now. :)