Friday, June 10, 2011

Bill's Grandpa says "blog" is a made up word. :)

I've been on a roll blogging every day the past two weeks or so, and I will feel incomplete if I don't post today so here I go.

This has been an EXHAUSTING week! But lots of good stuff.

Bill had a great birthday yesterday. I bought him an iPad a month ago as his big birthday present and didn't want to wait to give it to him. But on his actual day the boys and I got him these goodies.

Halo figures, Star Wars legos, The Fast and the Furious series on Blu-ray, glee CD & Rob Lowe's book

Ash couldn't keep a secret about the Legos he picked out. But the rest he was surprised about it.
Ash: "You will like your Legos!"
We went to El Torito for an early dinner. Bill thought he was getting out before something terrible happened... but he was wrong.

One of the things Bill hates most in the world - restaurant employees singing Happy Birthday to him. (I do it every time.)
On Day 6 the boys and I did a fingerprint painted birthday card. Ours doesn't look as ... professional ... as this one. But Lucas did a great job drawing the cake and presents, I think.

And in case you didn't see the pictures on facebook, here are the boys busting through their Welcome to Summer banners. Which they loved! 

So there's that.

Last night I worked until 2am, then was up early again working some more. I left home at 9am to get a smog check on the car, trip to the DMV, mailed some packages and got a full-service car wash, detail and shampoo. Bill's family came into town and I had to make a hotel reservation for them while I was out because the hotel wasn't answering the phone. I didn't get home until 3pm. Insanity.

Bill's family got here at 4pm. We got Lebanese food for dinner, made a trip to Toys R Us to get a present for a birthday party tomorrow at 10:30am. I didn't have time to work out yesterday or this morning but I was able to squeeze in 40 minutes of yoga just now and I feel absolutely relaxed despite all that's been going on. I love it.

After the birthday party tomorrow, we're going to San Clemente to see more family.

So yeah. Now I'm going to relax by knitting which will be my creativity project for the day. Then try to get to bed by midnight. Good night all!

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  1. Wow good for you on your blogging roll. I have to rack my brain harder for inspiration because I don't have the adventures of 3 cute kids and a hubby. Happy belated bday to Bill.