Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Embellished sweater

There was lots of stuff I wanted to write about today but it's family time now. So I'm just posting Day 8 creativity stuff.

I did this.

Here's mine. So easy! Probably took about 45 minutes just because cutting the flowers was a little tedious. If you cut the squares, fold in half and then cut the flowers, it moves quicker. And I did quick stitches, no major sewing. Will probably have to sew again to make sure the stitches hold.

And... I LOVE IT! I really like the color combo too.

Taking a picture of myself jumping.

I was laughing so hard at myself.
*I updated my blog header too. What do you think?


  1. How did you do that?? Where are you getting all these ideas? You are inspiring me!!

  2. Love the header, and you're right; the color combo on that sweater is gorgeous!

  3. You are hilarious and I LOVEEEEEE the sweater embellishment!!!

  4. hahaha. Love that last picture.

  5. Love the sweater...and the new header!