Sunday, June 5, 2011

This day, I'm not sure what to think of you.

I can't blame Bill for not wanting to do anything some days because I had every opportunity to take the boys to see the hot air balloons and I didn't do it. The idea of taking them alone while Bill worked/slept was exhausting before even attempting to set foot out of the house. Sometimes I feel like maybe I lug them around to do things against their will anyway, hoping (begging that) they'll enjoy doing something new and different. So I figured everyone just wanted to stay home and relax anyway. I comfort myself with this thought as an excuse for being so lazy.

For Day 5 of on my daily creativity journey, I crocheted a broomstick style bracelet. The tutorial for the bracelet is here, and the video for how to do a broomstick crochet can be found here. The chick talks too much though so just skip to the middle. (There's also a part 2.) I made 5 rows as opposed to 4 like the tutorial to fit my thick wrist, out of worsted lime green yarn and Lucas stole it. So I'm going to make another one for myself in a melon color.

I had a motivating day at David's Bridal yesterday. 2 months ago I ordered a bridesmaid dress for Vann's wedding in October. I went into the store to try it on and it was too big so I re-ordered a smaller size. I see results in the mirror and on the scale but clothing affirmations are the best. I know I'll be able to go down another size by the wedding, but getting down two more sizes would be even better. I need to stay away from brownies though in order to make this happen.

This morning I got news that a childhood friend passed away from cancer. She's been battling it for years now. I hate the disease so much especially after my mom's passing 3 years ago. It's hard to console one's self with the idea that a person you care about is no longer in pain when you wish they never had to go through it in the first place and instead got to live a long, happy life. But we tell ourselves lots of things to make it an easier pain to bear being without them. I'm happy she had a wonderful family and supportive friends to help through this, and was able to say good-bye and go on peacefully to a better place. She was a good, kind person, inspiring and will be remembered by many, many people. See you later, Metisha.

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  1. Beautiful work, as usual. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, Anna. A childhood friend of mine died from Pancreatic cancer when we were just 25!

  2. Mary B your Phx BudJune 5, 2011 at 8:53 PM

    I'm sorry to hear about your childhood friend dying of cancer. That is very sad and disheartening, especially after everything you've gone through. =(

  3. Wow I am so sorry, it's more the shocking when it's someone our age from our past. On another note though you were one adorable kid!

  4. I love that bracelet. I might come back and try it out as soon as I check off a few to-do things on my list at home.

  5. LOVE THIS BRACELET. i need it.

    i read some of the blog of the woman who passed away. SO freaking sad. it makes you cherish the people in your life so much more.