Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Productivity, I like you very much.

I love a productive day!

Up at 6:30am to get Holden ready for school and then work...at my kitchen table. After spending some time with the other boys and getting Luc to school at 11:20, I took turns working more and cleaning the house, getting it organized for summer break. There will be chaos in this house this summer with all 3 boys home all day long, so I need to have things in order before they destroy it all (again).

I organized their art supplies and piles of drawings and scrap paper, sorted Legos into baggies and stashed other stuff away that I just don't want to look at anymore. They probably won't notice anyway.

I also filled an entire trash bag full of school papers. I allowed myself to keep a large manilla envelope for each one with their art, best papers and writing from the school year. I have a few pieces of schoolwork from when I was young and I love to see what I wrote and reminisce.  I wish I had kept more of it.

I was staring at the trash bag and while I know it will be recycled and was used for something worthwhile originally, it still feels so wasteful! I decided to make something out of it... at least temporarily. Each of the boys gets out at different times on Thursday so I'm going to make them each a "Welcome to Summer" banner that they can break through when they come into the house.

I'm going to take their school papers and tape them together and then paint the banner. I think they'll love it and it will make more use out of their old papers, one last time.

And today I'm working on this. Will post pics when I'm done. I'm about halfway finished and I've spent an hour on it so far.

*edit* Day 6 - here's my wreath. Lookin' pretty lopsided, ha ha. But cute enough. The boys love it.


  1. The banner is such a fun idea! Tomorrow is our last day and we're going to head to the beach Thursday to celebrate.

  2. Dude, productive AND creative!!