Monday, September 24, 2012

Boxes Boxes Boxes

1. I hate punishing my kids. Which doesn't mean I don't do it. It's just the one part of being a parent so far that I don't like. Holden had homework yesterday for 2 1/2 hours. Yes on a Sunday. He told me he was finished and looking at it I couldn't tell that he wasn't apparently. He turned it in and I just got an email from his teacher saying it was incomplete. But it looks like half the class turned it in incomplete. Which says to me they're just giving these kids too much homework! I don't remember having that much in 4th grade and I went to an excellent school. I sent Holden to his room to think about it after a long lecture. Ugh. And he looks so sad. I hate this. New rule: he has to finish his homework as soon as he gets home before he can do anything fun.
2. I ordered this Hot Dots preschool learning box from zulily and after our kiwi crate and a trip to Dollar Tree for Halloween decorations, Ash and I worked on it. He loved it. We worked on colors today and this kid sat for 30 whole minutes and really enjoyed it. I'm so glad he wasn't bored after 5 minutes. Sometimes I just don't know what he'll enjoy and what he won't.
3. Speaking of boxes... Just discovered a new one called the Brit box which is a crafting one! And only $20... I have to try it out. I just have to.
4. My BFF Jennie is actually coming to visit next month! She really bought a ticket. For real. It's happening!
5. We put up Halloween decorations today. Ash wanted to and I didn't even attempt to argue. I still need to finish the fireplace and outside though.

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  1. WE ALWAYS had to do homework before fun too :( and if we jacked around too much and it got dark out then it was extra suckage. but, thats life. :) you're a good mom.

    spooky decor! i need to decorate for halloween too :)