Monday, September 24, 2012

Kiwi Crate - Farmer's Market

We received our first Kiwi Crate which is a Farmer's Market theme. Ash was SO excited! It came with two projects. One was a farmer's apron. He decorated his apron with special fabric crayons - all supplied in the box. The only thing we needed of our own was an iron to make the design stick to the apron if we wash it.

The second project was fruits and vegetables. He had to lace them together with a shoelace which is so great for motor skills. And it was nice to see him sit for about an hour working on something that didn't need to be plugged in (computer, TV, video games, iphone, etc.)... He sewed the pieces together for a carrot, stuffed it with cotton balls, then traced a stem and attached with a pipe cleaner. Everything we needed was in the box, including scissors.

Then a part of it that I thought was especially cool were the play activities. It came with paper coins and dollars so we could play market. He wore his apron and sold me a carrot.

Me: I would like a carrot please.
Him: How much money do you have?
Me: $8.35
Him: (takes all of my money, gives me a carrot)

It was a lot of fun and we aren't even done yet. We have an eggplant, apple and pear to make. And even more activities to play with the stuff he makes. I'm so glad he enjoyed it. For $20 I really think it's worth it. If you sign up, I get a $10 credit. Get your friends to sign up and it's only $10 for you too. Or google coupon code and see what you can find, which is what I did. Here's my link:

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