Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Banana. Hammock.

1. I'm always surprised when my friends talk about how their kids are obsessed with certain celebrities. I knew of them when I was little especially certain singers. But my kids are totally clueless. They really only know them by characters they play like Thor or Jack Sparrow haha. I'm actually happy about this though. I hope they never care about that crap. I would love for them to enjoy film and music without caring about the whole stupid celebrity b.s.
2. I made banana bread with roasted pecans and some yummy crockpot chicken today.
3. Mina laughs and chuckles while she's sleeping and it is THE CUTEST thing ever. I wish I could record it in time.
4. I want a hammock.
5. I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on embellishing my old clothes with things like elbow patches, bows and little shoulder details. I'm compiling a list of projects! For the kids' clothes too.


  1. I love the stripes w/ the big red collar. I want a hammock, too.

  2. did you put crockpot chicken in the banana bread...??

    i cant wait to see you embellish clothes!!! pics pics!