Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Love

1. We had such a great Halloween. The weather was beautiful all day. Ash and I carved one last pumpkin. After school the kids were in the best happiest mood. We had a fun early dinner together. Lucas and I made a last minute paper craft. Then we dressed up and headed out. Mina didn't cry once and actually fell asleep in Bill's arms as we walked around. We just moved to this neighborhood so it was nice seeing all of our neighbors out. I love all the little kiddos in their costumes and seeing parents dressed up too. There was one house decorated scary and the kids loved it. One house gave out big Snickers. The weather was cool but not too cold. It was just perfect.
2. Cancer has been on my mind this last week more so than usual. I kind of always think of it after losing my Mom. And now I have a close friend whose dad just went into hospice yesterday after only very recently being diagnosed. Winston is doing Movember. And Aunt Catherine is doing a 3 day walk in Arizona for Susan G. Komen. I have honestly been thinking hard about going back to college after all of the kids are in school and getting into oncology to become a cancer researcher. I have some investigating to do to find out if it's something I realistically want to do and would be good at.
3. I have been making tons and tons of hats for friends. I want to get them done soon because there are a few I have in mind for kiddos of my own too. I really want to make Mina and I matching fox hats. I've been attracted to little foxes lately. Just so cute. And the color suits her little ginger noggin. I also have some blankets to make and Christmas presents for family. Lots to do!
4. I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out. Ugh.
5. I started watching Community over again. I stopped after the first season but now I'm starting at the beginning. Love this show.

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