Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Growing boys

1. I hate the word 'shrooms.
2. I tried on a pair of size 10 jeans on Holden this morning and they wouldn't even button. This kid is by no means fat but apparently getting huge right before my very eyes. He'll be 10 in about a month.
3. We watched Sponge Bob this morning and I remembered when Holden was 2 and the only baby in the house - we used to do a funny dance to the intro song. We danced in a circle, I tickled him and then I fell on the ground and he jumped on my back and hugged me. Got a little blubbery just thinking about it. My first baby.
4. The big boys have been really enjoying reading lately and it makes me so happy. Bill and I were big readers as kids and we were a little worried that our kids wouldn't like it since they're into video games which we didn't have at this age. But they've both been reading up a storm. Lucas is so excited that he can read chapter books and tells me every time he finishes one. I just dug up a dozen chapter books I had bought last year for them that they weren't interested in. And they're blazing through them. It's a wonderful thing when your kids can watch TV or play games but instead want to curl up with a book.
5. Decorating pumpkins tonight!! I gutted them yesterday since no one likes that part. So just carving and painting tonight. Fun!


  1. I also hate the word shrooms.

    i hope my child reads :)

    EAT her face IMMEDIATELY.!!

  2. I never realized I didn't like the word "shrooms"...until now. Isn't it great when your kids really get into reading? I especially love introducing them to my own childhood faves. We didn't carve any pumpkins! First it was too warm and we didn't want them to rot, then the storm, so... A few are decorated though. Maybe I'll carve the big one tomorrow while the big kids are in school. Hm