Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost Halloween!

1. I love Halloween! I loved seeing all of the costumes people were posting online this weekend from parties. I do miss those parties we had before kids. We don't have enough friends here to have parties of our own now. Oh well. But I'm looking forward to Wednesday and taking my cute babies around the neighborhood. Bill and I are dressing up too of course. It'll be a surprise to the boys. Lucas has been begging us to tell him.
2. Watched Once Upon a Time all day. Still trying to catch up from last season. The Red Riding Hood episode was awesome! Also I love Ginnifer Goodwin in EVERYTHING.
3. I've paused Mina's (my) shopping spree... temporarily... I bought her a ton of great stuff. Now I'll let her wear some if it before I let myself shop anymore. She is going to be small for awhile and be able to wear things longer at least for the time being. Although she did grow quite a bit this week I can tell!
4. We didn't carve pumpkins or decorate them today. I have paint and puff paint so hopefully we'll have time for that tomorrow night.
5. Fell asleep at like 8:45 tonight. I'm awake now but just barely. Posting this then back to sleep.

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  1. I want to get into Once Upon a Time. Need to see if all the episodes are on Netflix. I love Halloween, too. We always go trick or treating with neighbors and the eldest usually has a couple of friends tag along, too. Good times. Can't wait to see your costume!