Sunday, November 4, 2012

30 Days Hath November

Dee found this 30 Things Hath November blogging thingie and I want to jump in too - here's a little catch up on the first few days.

Day 01 - a place i'd like to travel
There are a lot. And my go to answer is usually Tokyo, Japan. But now that I've immersed myself in all of these British period TV shows and movies, I really want to go to England. London would be awesome but I'd love to tour the countryside, wandering around looking for castles.

Day 02 - a favorite movie
Wonder Boys. This movie epitomizes my dream alternate life as a novelist and college English professor at a small private university on the East Coast.

Day 03 - something i never leave the house without
A child. Whether it's 1 or 4, I pretty much always have a kid with me. Occasionally I do get to make a trip to Michael's or Walgreen's alone and it feels like a mini-vacation.

Day 04 - a friend i adore
I have many I adore and I should maybe start a blog called A Friend a Day so I can write about all of them. :) Today I want to write about my friend Vann. I met her on Xanga when Holden was a baby and she was only 18. I've journeyed with her as she grew into a woman, found her dream career, met a wonderful man, got married, bought a house and got pregnant! She asked me to be a bridesmaid before we even met each other in real life. I think that's a testament to our friendship and how well you can get to know someone online. And when we did finally meet it wasn't weird at all. It was like we had hung out every day in person up to that point. And we had - just on our computers. I'm so glad she's my friend and I'm so excited to see the next phase of her life as a new Mommy!


  1. Awww you are so sweet Anna :) :) I am so happy we are friends. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. Aw, so sweet! Xanga was the best, right?