Monday, October 1, 2012

I wanna wear leggings, dammit!!

1. Ash and I went to Target to buy the ingredients for his birthday cake and he asked for a store bought cake! So we ordered him a Hot Wheels cake. I was a little sad at first but then felt pretty relieved actually. Haha Like Jennie said - you wanna do it all but... Sometimes it's nice NOT to when your kids give you a chance to breathe.
2. If my kid knows his vocab words already it is stupid to make him do flash cards. Busywork is bullshit.
3. The final contestant on The Voice blind auditions was great. His bullrider dad... OMG.
4. Can anyone recommend kid's clothing and/or women's that you love that may not be a brand I've ever heard of? Some obscure little label or etsy shop or something? I just discovered Thief & Bandit today and I love the little kids leggings.
5. 102 degrees today. So pissed off. But supposed to drop to 84 by Thursday. Fall, I miss you.


  1. It's warm here too, so scarves are back in the closet! :/ I blame the internet for my birthday party anxiety. You should blame it for your cake issues, hehe. Obscure labels...well, a little later this week, I will blog about a few I saw over the weekend BUT, I will point you towards a few kiddie style blogs I like in the meantime:

    As for brands, what about and do you know Hanna is always on my radar more with girls. Oh, and there's The UK brand Next has a us site, I think.

    Did you know there are kiddie clothing message boards? There used to be one at, but I can't access it now. I also think sites like theminisocial are good places to learn about new brands. I'm not a kiddie clothing addict, I swear!

    1. I've been checking out everything you posted and then following every link on those links too. I'm obsessed. I love Naartjie. We have one about an hour away. I want to go shop there even more now with a girl.

  2. Oh, I forgot one...