Wednesday, October 3, 2012


1. The debate was disappointing. There were a lot of issues that just weren't addressed. People say Romney won but I don't feel like he said anything of any significance. But then again neither did Obama.
2. I'm hooked on a bunch of kids clothing blogs now thanks to Dee. I don't want to rush the time but it will be fun to dress Mina up more when she can sit up or crawl and walk. I like her to be super comfortable while she's just a blob. Haha Thank goodness I have Vann's cute headbands to keep her stylish.
3. I would live in a one room craphole just to see what it's like to love in London or Paris for like a year. We would just spend every second outside exploring. And own lots of rain boots and umbrellas.
4. I scored a ton of clothes from today with 40% of clearance and an extra 20% off. Can't wait to get my stuff!
5. Can I start wearing boots when the temp drops below 80 degrees next Monday?

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  1. You're welcome. ;) Yea, the debate...:/ I was disappointed. Do you read designmom? She moved to France for two years with her 6 kiddos. They live in an artist's home in the country. I want that life, lol.