Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friends and Hipsters

1. Our TV died (again) on Monday. We've had so many issues with it. Luckily we had a warranty up until a few months ago. But until I can work some mojo on the manufacturer I figured we could get a new one. The picture has been going bad for a while. Bill found one online at Costco and Target that he wanted. So we went to a random Target yesterday just to see how it looked in person and it was on clearance for $200 off. No idea why but what a score. It's 55" - 5" more than our last one - and looks HUGE! I didn't know I was such a sucker for a big TV.
2. We had visits from friends all week. I love when our friends visit since they're so spread out around here. It's always a bit of a drive for any of us to get together. And Ash is so cute. He just wants everyone to stay for a sleep over. He is such a people person.
3. Mina slept for 6 hours straight last night!! This baby is incredible! I slept so good. I haven't felt this rested in months.
4. Bill has been off work this week and it's been so nice having him home. I just like to hang out with him all the time.
5. This week at school is Spirit Week with a different theme every day. Today is western wear and of course in our house we don't have a single piece of western gear. We had to improvise and Luc picked out jeans, an Indiana Jones tshirt from woot, orange plaid, red scarf and black fedora. This kid is so hipster and doesn't even know it. I love him.

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