Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sackboy Clothing Designer I am NOT

We have my friend Luong's 3 year old with us for a couple of days because she had a C-section scheduled today. We picked him up last night and so far he and Ash have only tried to kill each other a few times which is pretty good for 2 stubborn hot-headed 3 year olds.

She had her baby boy Max this afternoon - 9 lbs 1 oz, 18 1/2 inches long. Kai is officially a big brother so we've been trying to help him understand that. So far... well... his parents have some work cut out for them, heh heh.

We took them to Chuck E Cheese's for lunch. Yeah, there's that.

Holden had Taekwondo class today and he earned his first stripe on his white belt! He just had to memorize the first set of basic techniques and be able to do them on his own, like front kick, punch, low block and whatever the others were. He got them perfect. Pretty cool :)

Lucas asked me to sew an outfit for his Sackboy toy. So I took 30 minutes to sit down and whip up a shirt, bowtie and hat. Day 16 of my creativity-ness. I sew everything by hand and it is not pretty. But at 6 years old, my son is forgiving. And I'm perfectly okay with the seam on my dress being crooked.

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  1. I think the outfit looks great - and handsome owner holding the Sackboy (what the hell is a sackboy anyhow?) is cute too!