Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots of stuff

Man it felt like a long weekend! And a good one.

I got to see my friend's baby on Friday when I took her son home. SO cute! I lose all sense when in the proximity of a newborn. The cuteness is too much to handle and I'm a cooing, grinning, Awwww-ing madwoman. I wish humans could gestate like hamsters in 15 days. Maybe we'd have 15 kids right now.

GAP was having a big sale with an additional 50% off clearance so I bought a tank and 3 pairs of jeans for $35. I am still getting used to weighing less (I'm down 9 lbs from January 1st) apparently since I bought a pair that do NOT fit me. I tried them on for Bill and he looked at me like I was stupid - "Yeah honey, those don't fit you." I guess those will go back. But the other two are cute, just had to cut 3 inches off the bottom of each since I'm not 5'9". One pair I'll probably have to hem and the other I pegged.

Friday after I visited my friend, Bill, Holden and Lucas went to see Green Lantern. Ash and I went to the playground and then had Japanese food for dinner, just the two of us. He's my only kid who has an adventurous appetite so I like to take him fun places. And he pigged out on edamame, sushi and yaki soba.

Master of Chopsticks

Saturday, Bill and I had the sitter over to watch the boys and we escaped for a few hours. Had sushi, which I think I could eat every day. And then saw X-men: First Class which I LOVED! Michael Fassbender as Magneto = amazing. Michael Fassbender in anything = LOVE

This has also been a blanket knitting/crocheting weekend. I may not have time to finish out the month of June strong with many creative projects since I have these other time sensitive projects to wrap up in time for certain events.

For Father's Day, I had the boys put their handprints on a shirt for Bill, actually a little kit that his uncle gave us. And they also had written a letter to him in school which I posted here. A must read!

Next week we're going to Phoenix for a while. Bill's aunt has been offering to take the boys for a few days so they can have some fun and give Bill and I some time alone. Our 12th anniversary is in August so this will be an early celebration of sorts.

I looked up hotels online last night. Nice hotels in Phoenix are cheap in the summer since the average temperature is EQUAL TO THE SURFACE OF SUN (i.e. hot). I found some decent places for $80 and really nice places for $200, which I'm not willing to spend. I ended up on (if you don't know how it works, you don't get to see the name of hotel until after booking but you can pick specific areas and ratings) - my go to place for hotel deals. Seriously love this site. I looked up the area I wanted to stay in and picked a 5 star hotel, knowing from searching Expedia that it would only be 1 of 2 places that were available for those dates. And Voila! ended up with a room at the Royal Palms Hotel for only $117! (reg price $204) It was my first choice so I'm excited! More exclamation points!!!!!

When not sleeping, I'll be here.


  1. that place looks amazing!!!
    I need to take a lesson from you about how to be an awesome mom and make time to see friends more often than never. I've always blamed it on none of my friends having kids and that none of them are married. But... still excuses are for weenie's
    xo Jeannette

  2. How was Green Lantern? I'd watch the Xmen movie solely for James McAvoy (and Fassbender)

  3. The boys say they liked Green Lantern. Bill said it was meh. I think anyone who likes James McAvoy and Fassbender would like Xmen regardless if you like superhero movies or not.

  4. Super cute!
    I could eat Japanese food every day too. Too bad that can get expensive.