Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New-ish dress

I bought a dress at H&M which is now too big. I really love it but I can't exchange it now since I've worn and washed it. So I decided to cut it up and resize it down.

I wore it out today and belted it so it wouldn't look so baggy but from the back and side it just looks like I'm wearing a bag. Or I look pregnant.

Here's how much fabric I cut off. I'll probably make some pockets out of it.

Still nice and flowy but actually has some shape to it now.

Now you can tell I actually have a butt.

I bought some kelly green jersey knit fabric at Joann today so I can make this next.


  1. Nice remix! And I would love to make the skirt you linked to, but neither of my sewing machines is co-operating at the moment. :-/

  2. Where do you find the time???? You're looking fab dahling. ;)

  3. I was born to multi-task. This took me 20 minutes.

  4. That is a cute pattern and goes with everything!