Saturday, August 25, 2012

Criss Angel and Skinny Jeans

1. My friend Marianne came for a visit this morning with her cuties Isaac and Chloe. It's interesting to see how boys (other than our own) are only vaguely interested in Mina for a few seconds, but Coco stared at her the whole time and rarely left her side. She also wanted to pet her and hold her and swing her. She kept saying "Baby, wake up." adorable
2. We FINALLY bought a queen sized bed today! It's been in discussion for years now. We have been surviving with a full but today we moved up. We also got a new sofa and loveseat. They'll be delivered tomorrow so I'll post pics then. Thanks again goes to the wonderful Aunt Catherine.
3. I ordered two pairs of skinny jeans from American Eagle which arrived today. They fit and miraculously I actually feel skinny in them.
4. Lucas went to his friend Julio's birthday party today. Julio dresses like a hipster goth, which at age 7 is super cute. His mom said he worships Criss Angel. That is freaking precious despite Criss Angel being a total tool.
5. I bought subscriptions to Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple magazine. I am straight up 35 years old now.


  1. anna! i have had a subscription to real simple magazine for 5 years now LOL. i LOOOOOOVE that magazine. it is gorgeous and full of awesomeness. :)

    im so excited you guys are in a queen, hehe. we have a queen too. a lot of people tell us thats too small and ew why would we want to be so close? obviously they dont know that sleeping close is awesome.

  2. I told Mando that C tried to shake her awake by grabbing her head. Like me (when it happened) his heart skipped a beat.
    At least he didn't poke her in the soft spot like Isaac did. :-/