Friday, August 24, 2012

5 Things A Day

Starting today...

1. Bill's Aunt Catherine is here and she's been amazingly helpful with the boys.
2. Mina and I were up together last night for 3 hours. I was tired today but it was such a special time to just stare at each other and smile while everyone else was sleeping.
3. Aunt Catherine bought us a memory foam queen mattress. Now I just need to find a bed frame I like. (also she is awesome!)
4. Mina's doctor's appt went great today. She weighs 6lb 2oz so she has increased her weight by 11oz in the last week and is now above her birth weight. A triumph when you're this tiny!
5. Bill started college again this week. I'm super proud of him for taking this on and going after something new at age 35.


  1. aunt catharine is so thoughtful!
    mini mina is so sweeeet <3
    WTG BILL! matt started this week too! :)

  2. Bill's in college??? Impressive!!! What is he studying?

  3. She is so cute! And so serious! I want to eat her up!!!

  4. Wow that is great for Bill! Good things are always happening at your place! You should post this on top of your front door. Mina is so cute! You should share how you picked this name! It's beautiful.