Friday, August 12, 2011


I love birthdays - mine, Bill's, my kids, my parents, friends, random people I meet on the street, my manicurist who seemed a little put off by how happy I was for her 21st birthday when she seemed so ho-hum about it. Every since I was a little girl, it just felt like that one special day when it's completely okay to think of myself and accept a little extra attention. And no matter how everything else is going in life, if the days leading up to the big birthday are not so good, I feel like I at least get that one day to forget it all and celebrate.

Bill thinks I'm crazy but I can actually remember every single birthday I've ever had. I think I remember my 1st birthday too but that would be too crazy right? Here are some of my birthday highlights.

1st - Sitting in a high chair and my mom putting cake on my nose
3rd - BBQ in the backyard, my best friend Bumper
6th - Disneyland
7th - Pink bicycle that matched my best friend Gina's
8th, 9th & 10th - Skating rink!!!
13th - Move to a new city and my only 3 friends in the entire city still make it an amazing day
16th - Dad drove me around the city blindfolded and had a surprise party at a restaurant with friends and family.
18th - Another new car before heading off to college. The Toyota Tercel which Bill would later smash the hood of with his ass after I just met him.
21st - Vegas
26th - 1st birthday as a Mommy
29th - Pink party!
34th - Today :)


  1. Happy Birthday Anna! Those are some great memories and pictures. I'm probably one of those "ho-hum" people! :-P All the attention makes me shy!

    Hope you get some great presents!

  2. that has GOT to be the best collection of photos ever included in a post. AWESOME!!!

    Happy birthday, friend. I hope you enjoy your special day. And the days before and after, too. :)