Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boys, Birthdays and Boston

Had a good birthday week with my boys. Although my actual birthday day was a little bit tougher to get through than I hoped. Since my Mom died, this day has held a bit of sadness to it despite how hard I try to deny it. I just miss her too much and especially on a day when I'm celebrating when she gave birth to me. I hate to say that I was not all smiles, but instead had myself a good cry at the end of the night. Still the days before the actual day were wonderful. Just still coping with not having my Mom around, which I'll probably never be okay with.

I got a yummy ice cream cake which is what my Mom used to always get me.

The boys took me shopping for boots and we didn't find any I wanted. Then we shopped for a camera instead and couldn't decide on one, ha ha. But I found the boots I want online so I'll buy them eventually - when it's even cold enough to wear them... October??

Southern California is so weird - so unlike any place I've ever lived before. The weather is awesome but for a girl who loves fall, it makes it difficult to dress like I want for much of the year. So that's why I have to go to Boston again to make the best use of my fall wardrobe. Jennie and now Beth too this time are planning another trip there in November. Can't wait for a repeat of the ridiculousness - tripled.

I made hats for us. For myself, I made a red beret. I'll post a pic of myself wearing it later after I fix my hair. It's pretty gnarly right now.

For Beth

For Jennie Ash wanted to be my model but it looks pretty different on a bigger head.
The boys started school yesterday. Everything went well. They like their teachers and their best friends were actually in the same class with them this year too. So that always makes the transition to a new grade easier. Today, neither of them even wanted me to walk with them to class. I followed Lucas anyway like a creepy stalker Mom. I told Ash that I was sad about it on our way home and he said, "Well Mom it's just you and me." And that made it all better.


  1. Being a mom definitely has it's ups!
    I think it was very sweet of you to have a good little cry. Hopefully your mom gave you a little hug after you fell asleep.

  2. Glad you had a nice birthday even if it was slightly bittersweet. But it just proves also how your mom is always with you and in your thoughts.

    Wow school starts early there. Back to school still gives me stomach butterflies even though I don't have to go anymore.

    Ash is such a cutie pie. He sure knows how to tug on your heartstrings most as the baby.

  3. followed him like creepy stalker mom...isn't that our job? To embarrass them? Well done. ;-)

    I don't think I do it nearly enough...I'm going to have to plot some obvious ways to embarrass my kids, before I run out of opportunities!

    Sorry your sad thoughts about your mama consume even special celebration days like birthdays. I especially know how treasured birthdays are in your house, so to be sad on your day makes my heart ache for you. She was such a special lady, and the love you had for each other is amazing.

    Love you. :)