Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rambling and Doctor Talk

I ended up buying the 4th pair of those glasses because I thought they had the full-on geek factor I wanted. I was waffling between those and #1 since those seemed cuter. But I like the ones I picked. Ordered some prescription sunglasses too.

I've had a rough-ish week. Battling an illness that seemed to never want to leave my system and anxiety on top of that probably made it even worse. Sometimes I feel like I just invite anxiety when it's not needed. Granted, anxiety is never "needed". But being anxious about important things feels justified where in my case lately the stupidness entering my brain was just that - stupid. I said it all out loud to Bill and while hoping to calm myself ended up firing me up even more. I don't know what will come of this.

Despite all of this bullshit swirling in my head, my life right now really is amazing because I have the best family ever. I love my husband and my kids and they are freaking awesome. And my birthday is coming up on the 12th AND I got a Nook color yesterday as an early gift. It is ssweeeet. I like Bill's iPad but I didn't really want one. I kind of wanted an e-reader but I didn't like the screens on most of them. But the Nook color has a screen like an iPad and it has some other cool iPad-ish features, like a web browser and apps. (Woot Pandora!) Plus it was only $250 as opposed to $600. So yeah I like it. A lot.

Now to news I've been wanting to blab about for the last month... Bill is going back to school... to be a doctor. It is super exciting for us. He has found his calling and is so motivated and inspired to do it. And it makes me so happy for him. He will be in school for a long time but if we work it out by him joining the military, then his school will be paid for and we'll have a little bit of a cushion there financially since he won't be able to work full-time once he actually starts medical school. We are really comfortable right now in his current job and our lives but we are obviously not the kind of people are who satisfied with being just content. Although it's certainly nice for a while. We have both gone through life enjoying the moment but looking toward the future and considering what we can accomplish in the grander scheme of things.

Why are we here and what is our purpose in life and on this earth? These are things I think about and helps put my thoughts and life in perspective when I worry about things that are so trivial. And then my brain explodes.

This is the most random post ever.

Anyway - I'm very proud of Bill for choosing this path, especially at age 34 when some people think you should have it all figured out by now. He's going to love being a doctor and will be so good at it.

I feel like my brain just took a dump on my blog.


  1. Wow so much to say, but I do love the randomness of this post. God knows I do it a lot myself.

    Ok, glasses: can't wait for pics, am sure you will look super cute

    Anxiety, I am a huge hypochondriac. You can't stop freaking yourself out sometimes. It's the worst

    Congrats to Bill, that is amazing. I always have so much admiration for those who have the courage to go for a major life career change. Esp if it means going back to school. It inspires the rest of us at mind numbing jobs to strive for more

    And lucky you, getting presents already! Let's exchange addresses so we can be birthday buddies. You move around so much!

  2. Way to go Bill, that's awesome!! What kind of doctor is he thinking? If a pediatrician, he's already steps ahead with all those boys in the house. ;)

    Happy early birthday!

  3. I know what you mean about the anxiety. I have to keep talking about whatever makes me anxious over and over again to Luis. I don't know how he doesn't just go nuts and tell me to be quiet already, heh. So you like the nook, eh? I've been holding out on getting an e-reader. Congrats to Bill on his decision! I don't think you're ever too old to make a positive change in your life.