Friday, September 9, 2011

Sew What

My very first sewing pun. Awesome, right? I knew you'd like it.

So, I've fallen in love with my sewing machine. I've been wanting to hem some of my jeans and fix holes without having to take in a dozen pairs to the tailor. Bill's mom is here so she helped me get the sewing machine set up since it was Bill's grandmother's and she's familiar with it. It's a 1956 Singer - isn't it beautiful?

I realize it may not be the easiest sewing machine to relearn on since I haven't sewed since I was 9. But I love it. I made this cute little tube scarf yesterday out of the H&M dress that I tried to take in by hand-sewing and screwed up. I'm looking forward to taking old clothes that I have around the house and redoing them instead of just tossing them.

So my first project was taking this shirt that was too big and just trying to make it fit better. I used another shirt as a pattern, just cut the sides, took it in there and under the sleeves. It turned out really good actually...

Except I think it might be a little short. But I'm taking some stretchy knit/spandex fabric and making these. It's amazing how different you look when you wear a shirt that fits you though right? When it was baggy I think it made me look much bigger than I am. (Sorry for the poor lighting.)

Anyway, that was fun. And now I just want to make more and more stuff. If anyone wants to share their favorite projects or sewing blogs and websites, I would love that!

Here's something I want to make soon.

A few sites that I'm getting lost in: this girl is so cute

I'm planning to get through this list this year too.

I'll post more pics of my projects and work on some better photography too. This was a rushed 1st attempt because I was just so dang excited.

Okay now toff to get some work done, run some errands and be ready to head to LA today to see Winston. Going to the La Brea Tar Pits!


  1. that machine is beautiful! you made magic with that t shirt. It fits so well now. It's like on What Not to Wear when people wear clothes that fits them just right it's like a huge transformation. The before and after pictures are sweet.
    Sometimes I feel in ruts where I have actually grabbed a shirt that was too long and then I see pictures and realize I am too short to be wearing long shirts. My mom just bought me a cute longer shirt and said I should wear leggings with it. But I dont think I'll be wearing leggings anymore... I dont want to return it bc she got it at anthropologie bc she said she thought of me and thought the color looked great on me. so sweet, so I guess a tighter jean? I am obsessed with boot cut jeans bc they are the most flattering on me. But maybe I should be in the market for some skinny jeans? I can't decide if I should invest in a pair or if they are done with like leggings?!

  2. I wish I could learn to sew more things but I don't have time! I can hem pants. If I could learn how to take in large shirts I'd be happy. Tailoring is so expensive esp for petite people like me!